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Allergy Test and Treatments Offered

Sublingual Immunotherapy

Sublingual therapy (SLIT) involves simply taking drops or tablets under the tongue as opposed to injections. No needles required!  SLIT exposes patients to small doses of an allergen to strengthen their tolerance to the allergen and reduce symptoms. The beauty of SLIT is that it is easy to administer and can be done from home. Is SLIT right for you? If you are afraid of needles or want the ease of administering your own treatment from the comfort of your own home, call ENT Physicians of North Mississippi today and ask them if Sublingual Immunotherapy is a good option for you.

Subcutaneous Immunotherapy

Subcutaneous Immunotherapy (or under the skin/SCIT) is the most well-known option for allergy treatment. Allergy shots are very common and very safe when administered correctly. This type of treatment has been done for 100+ years. This treatment actually changes the immune system and helps prevent asthma and new allergies from forming. Subcutaneous Immunotherapy has a lasting effect and allows the benefits to continue after therapy has been completed.

Toothpaste Immunotherapy

If both sublingual and subcutaneous therapy are not ideal for you, there is a third option. Toothpaste immunotherapy is a new and growing treatment for allergy patients. Opposed to injections or taking medication under the tongue, we also offer the option of immunotherapy through your toothpaste! This is the easiest and most convenient way of receiving allergy treatments. Its effectiveness varies, but toothpaste immunotherapy may be perfect to minimize your allergies!

Urticaria Treatment

Urticaria, or hives, is something most of us are familiar with, but have not necessarily had first-hand experience with. What causes hives? What are the treatments? How do you prevent hives from happening? These are all common questions. If you deal with swollen, red, and/or itchy areas on the skin, it can be the result of an allergic reaction from different foods or even medicines. Urticaria can range from annoying to extremely painful. It can also range from small areas of the skin to multiple spots across the entire body.

What causes hives?

Foods such as nuts, peanuts, shellfish, milk and more are often the cause of urticaria in patients. We can perform allergy testing to diagnose the source of your struggle. Other substances that can trigger hives can also be investigated. Allow us to develop a personalized treatment plan that helps get you back in good health!.

Hay Fever Treatment

Every year millions of Americans deal with seasonal allergies, or hay fever and suffer without professional treatment. Don't let sneezing, itchy eyes, coughing and hay fever ruin spring, and in some cases all of your year, also known as allergic rhinitis. Hay fever can be both seasonal and a year-round struggle. Perennial hay fever can be caused or triggered by mold, dust, old carpets and much more. Seasonal hay fever occurs when your body is having an allergic reaction to pollen. Trees, grass, flowers, and plants can all irritate those allergic to pollen.

Thankfully there are several ways to treat hay fever. Allergy shots, drops, prescription tablets, nasal spray, toothpaste and decongestants are all tools we use to prevent hay fever from negatively affecting your life. You do not have to learn to deal with allergies on your own, allow us to provide alternative solutions that best fit you!

Food Allergy Testing

Food allergies can range from minor to very serious. Identifying food allergies that you may have is important in ensuring your health and safety. Most food allergies become apparent in childhood, however in rare cases they develop in adults.

ENT Physicians offer a well-rounded approach to food allergy testing. Blood testing along with checking your clinical history are imperative in diagnosing patients with food allergies. Once diagnosed, we help develop a step by step action plan for treatment and in the event of an emergency situation. In the common case of child food allergies, it is important to educate both the parent and patient in treatment and event of emergencies.


A ELISA test is a method of allergy testing by blood. This is an excellent method to figure out if you have allergies, and what triggers them.

Far too many people suffer from allergies and do not realize they can be prevented. Most patients don’t realize what a positive impact this has on their quality of life.

Allergies are in extreme cases life threatening. However, most of the time they are just bothersome and cause moderate discomfort. Our extremely thorough testing allows us to confidently diagnose and treat your allergies.

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