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Cochlear™ ImplantsCochlear Implants Tupelo

What is a cochlear implant? How is it different from a hearing aid? These are questions we often get from patients who are candidates for cochlear implants. A Cochlear implant is a surgically placed neuroprosthetic device that gives a sense of sound to those with very severe hearing loss. Implants work by around your damaged hearing pathways to provide electronic hearing. Most often the patients who meet criteria for cochlear implants no longer get the same benefits they once did from their hearing aids. Sometimes the hearing aids just need to be adjusted or replaced. However, when there is a large amount of damage to your sensory nerves, hearing aids may no longer be sufficient to restore adequate hearing. No need to worry! Our team has years of experience with cochlear implants, and keep up with the most recent advancements in technology. Our excellent staff, from audiologists to surgeons, will create the optimal plan to prioritize your health and safety above all. While surgery is a part of what we do and may be right for you, it is much more likely that your visit will result in nonsurgical solutions.

Our Hearing and Balance Center can help determine the solution that best meets your individual needs. Your hearing is important to living life to the fullest. If another physician or hearing center has recommended that you get a cochlear implant, or you believe that it is the next step in taking back your hearing, call today at (662) 844-6513! to schedule an appointment.

Because the little moments make a big difference in life. The Cochlear™ Nucleus® System is designed to make a big difference in your life. The Nucleus System features the Cochlear Nucleus 7 Sound Processor, the Cochlear Nucleus CI24RE Cochlear Implant, and the Cochlear Nucleus 7 Remote Assistant. Together, these components set a new benchmark in hearing performance. Every detail is developed to provide unsurpassed hearing performance. Now you can achieve your personal best hearing experience, enjoying the little moments and everything in between.

Each patient is unique and their hearing solution should be too. With Nucleus 7, patients can hear their way with the world’s smallest and only MADE for iPhone cochlear implant sound processor.

Cochlear Implant Nucleus 7

With Nucleus 7, recipients can stream sound directly to their sound processor, control and manage their settings, track their data and locate a lost processor. With dual microphones and Cochlear’s most advanced sound system- SmartSound iQ with SCAN- Nucleus 7 helps recipients hear their best even in noisy environments.

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Cochlear™ BahaBaha Heraring Implants Tupelo and Corinth

The Baha System utilizes your body’s natural ability to conduct sound.

Bone, like air, can conduct sound vibrations. For people with hearing loss, this provides another pathway to perceive sound. Typical hearing aids rely on air conduction and a functioning middle ear.

In cases where the middle ear function is blocked, damaged or occluded, the Baha system may be a better option as it bypasses the outer and middle ear altogether. Instead, sound is sent around the damaged or problematic area, naturally stimulating the cochlea through bone conduction.

When someone has lost most of the hearing in one ear, but has normal hearing on the other side, the Baha system works to reroute sound to the better ear. It uses our body's natural ability to conduct sound through bone to deliver the signal to the better hearing ear.

Once the cochlea receives these sound vibrations, the organ 'hears' in the same manner as through air conduction; the sound is converted into neural signals and is transferred to the brain, allowing a Baha recipient to perceive sound.

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